Aids Awareness
Awareness Campaign: Poster & Brochure

Project Objectives
To raise AIDS awareness among teens and young adults 14 to 22 years old to prevent the spread of the disease.

Target Audience
Teens and young adults

I looked at many websites, researching the history of AIDS, its symptoms, prevention, and statistics. While AIDS
is widely talked about in schools, many young people remain either misinformed or under-informed about the
disease. Some still believe it is limited to homosexuals. When prevention is taught in a school environment,
too often it is seen as boring and irrelevant—similar to lectures on drug abuse.

Mind Map
aids mind map

This demographic is highly focused on love and friendship. This is a time when strong bonds and cherished
memories are made. The relationships they make are extremely intense. I chose to focus on these memories in
the making to convey the joy they bring—and the loss one would feel should he or she develop AIDS. The disease
would forever affect a young person’s life—and loves. It’s a far more positive appeal than scaring them with the
disease’s effects. It’s a compelling reason to stay healthy. Catching the attention of 14 to 22 year olds requires a
visually and emotionally compelling appeal that they can relate to.

Mood Board

aids moodboard

Idea Thumbnails

aids thumbnail

aids thumbnailsaids thumbnail

aids thumbnail

My idea for the poster was to utilize polaroid images of young people having a good time with friends and
loved ones—something they can relate to, something close to their heart. This would allow the audience to
recognize the importance of each and every moment that they enjoy with the people they care about. This
would be followed by a tagline and a call to action so that the audience can find out more about the disease.
This should appeal to the target audience because polaroids are very trendy at the moment. Young people are
constantly taking pictures with their friends and family. To execute this I photographed a pile of poloroids,
then inscribed them with hand written messages which are displayed inside of one giant Polaroid—the poster.
For the broschure, my idea was to create a small, heart-shaped fold-up piece to be handed out in shopping malls.
I wanted this to look simple and appealing to teens and young adults. Brochures are usually seen as boring with an
overload of information that no teen would want to read. For this reason I kept all the copy really short and simple
with a clear message about how protecting oneself from AIDS one can then create more cherished memories with
their loved ones. Within the fold-up heart is a condom, which reinforces the message about protection. On the
reverse of the brochure is a point form list of ways to prevent AIDS.

Development Stage 1

aids poster work

Development Stage 2

aids poster work2

Brochure Interior

aids brochure

Final Brochure & Poster:


aids poster


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