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The Love Letter Project

Project Background

The Love Letter Project is a project devoted to connecting people through past experiences and words of encouragement. The way the project works is that anyone can submit a letter on The Love Letter Project’s website, the letter should be about a challenge you’ve overcome in life that could encourage a stranger that is trying to overcome the same challenge. Submissions range from bullying, coping with disease, coping with grief, and many other struggles that humans encounter over their lifetime. To further connect the community and spread the word about their project, the team hosted an art show in Vancouver. They reached out to local artists who created artworks for a selected series of letters to be compiled into a book.

Design Solution

The objective is to create a book that features the various styles of art as well as their letter counterpart. In order to bring the reader’s focus to both components, I’ve had them laid out on two separate spreads, beginning with the letter and then the artwork with an artist interview. Each letter is laid out in a slightly different manner to address each writer’s unique message. These are paired with a small stamp in the corner to show which artwork it is linked to. Overall the book maintains a simple and elegant look to bring the reader’s full attention to the content.