A Bump In The Road

This blog was originally meant to be a weekly blog, but a recent incident has caused me to fall behind on these weekly posts. So instead of a post about design this week, I just want to briefly explain why there hasn’t been any posts last Monday, and why today’s has been so delayed.

About two weekends ago, I was walking my dog, she got attacked by a bigger dog. The events that followed have been extremely stressful, both from a medical aspect and from dealing with the other owner. Although it seems like a simple problem to solve, it certainly dragged on for longer than necessary. It has caused me a great deal of anxiety but I am happy to say that my dog is on her way to recovery and matters have been resolved with the other owner.

Hopefully this is all be hind us, and I’ll be back next week, likely with a case study for one of my branding projects.

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presents under the christmas tree by Ivy Chan

Christmas Surprise

christmas star by Ivy Chan

Christmas Star

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