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Paris and Simo

Project Background

Paris x Simo are a DJ duo from Montréal Canada. Over the past couple years they’ve played music for people all around the world. The duo has collaborated with artists such as Merk & Kremont, Mako, 3LAU, Ansol and many more. They’ve released songs with a variety of recording labels including Tiesto and Hardwell’s record label Musical Freedom and Revealed.

Design Solution

The project first started off as an illustration project to replace an illustration the duo used across their social media. They were looking for something that looked more modern. Eventually it lead us to rebrand the Paris x Simo brandcompletely. Our goal was to create a timeless brand to represent the duo. After several rounds of type and icon exploration they liked the idea of having a mascot icon paired with a classic sans serif. From there we moved on to all sorts of other brand touch points.