The Webists

Project Background

The Webists was meant to be a sub-brand of Webistry to represent their team in outlets such as a blog, and a workshop/teaching platform called The Webists Academy. This would act as a way for Webistry’s team members to share their knowledge in an interactive manner. The names “Webistry”, and “The Webists” were inspired by the suffixes used to describe scientific studies and specialists. This is meant to symbolize the strategic data driven process that Webistry believes in.

Design Solution

As a sub-brand of Webistry, The Webists, utilizes the same color scheme. Since knowledge is something that develops over time, and is different for each individual, The Webists brand uses a variety of icons, developed from the same shapes to create a dynamic and ever-evolving logo. Both their logo and their supporting graphics, are inspired by atoms and scientific diagrams to emphasize the scientific qualities of the Webistry process.