DJ Kevlo

Project Background

Kevlo is a private event DJ from Vancouver. Kevin caters to a wide variety of clients; ranging from school events to corporate events. As someone who plays music for such a diverse audience, Kevin has a very good understanding of music. His large music inventory contains something for every occasion.

Design Solution

To reflect Kevin’s diverse sounds, the brand is inspired by the shapes of different sound waves and the way DJs  connect people with music. The sound waves are brought to life through his stationery. On his business card the waves are set in a spot uv gloss on matte black to give it a subtle yet modern look; Contrastingly, on the other side there is a simplified soundwave in the centre. This is the primary graphic used throughout his branding, both on his business card and on his letterhead. The three simple wave lines are set in the same angles as the “K”, “e”, and “v” to give the brand a cohesive look. The brand’s masculine and dark image is paired with three bright colours to represent the excited and happy emotions that people experience when they attend parties.